VapeStick Review

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VapeStick Review

VapeStick Review

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VapeStick Review

Electronic cigarettes have become more popular in recent years thanks to their considerable advantages over traditional tobacco products. Of the many electronic cigarette brands on the market today, the Vapestick has garnered some attention for its stylish look and packaging. But does the Vapestick represent a new breed of electronic cigarette or is it just the same old stuff in a fancy new package?

The electronic cigarette is a cylinder that has all the appearances of a tobacco cigarette. Yet inside each cylinder is a battery, atomizer and cartridge that hold the flavor package. The flavor package contains liquid that can have a variety of flavors and nicotine. When the smoker inhales on the cylinder, the atomizer heats the liquid in the flavor package creating water vapor which is then drawn into the lungs.


VapeStick Review

In this manner, a smoker gets his nicotine without having to inhale tobacco. Tobacco has a number or carcinogens that can cause lung cancer in the smoker and those who are nearby due to second hand smoke. The Vapestick is an electronic cigarette designed to help smokers kick the habit is a safer manner or to allow smokers to continue by using a product that is far less expensive than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

For smokers who are trying to quit, the Vapestick makes an excellent choice because the nicotine can be reduced over time and allow the smoker to quit when they want. Furthermore, for the smoker who wants to continue, the Vapestick is far cheaper than traditional cigarettes because each cylinder can be used up to 20 times or more. Five Vapestick cylinders or cartridges can be smoked more than 100 times in total, adding up to considerable savings over purchasing tobacco cigarettes.

Furthermore, one of the lesser known advantages of electronic cigarettes such as the Vapestick is that the atomizer or heating element only activates when the smoker draws in the water vapor. Lit tobacco cigarettes represent a real fire danger than claim lives every year. Electronic cigarettes like the Vapestick are far safer and have very little chance of igniting flammable materials.

What immediately stands out in our VapeStick review about the Vapestick is the slightly larger look of the cylinders combined with a stylish, sleek design. The brand name “Vapestick” is prominently displayed on each cylinder and it functions in the same manner as most electronic cigarettes. The easy handling and smooth draw has make the Vapestick a favorite among many who enjoy electronic cigarettes.

The Vapestick comes with the following;

–          2 Atomisers

–          2 Batteries

–          10 Cartridges

–          Chargers and Instructional Manual

The Vapestick is essentially three pieces as opposed to two which makes it a little more cumbersome to handle than other models, but not to any great degree. There are a number of excellent flavor packages and the refill process is easy and straightforward.

In our Vapestick review, we find that VapeStick is for those who are looking at purchasing an electronic cigarette starter kit, the Vapestick is certainly a good choice as it offers a modestly priced product that is easy to handle and provides plenty of flavor choices.

  • Review Date: 2/11/2013
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