V2Cigs Review

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V2Cigs Review

V2Cigs Review

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V2 Cigs are incredibly new in the electronic cigarette game, opening up shop in 2010 and quickly amassing quite the following and background with happy consumers. With quick uptime response and a very quick drop-ship date that ensures you get your starter kit and e-cigarettes extremely quickly, V2 is available everywhere from the US to the UK, and has proven to be quite a popular cigarette outfit when it comes to providing phenomenal and well-produced electronic options for smokers looking to avoid nicotine. Now for the V2Cigs review!


V2Cigs Review – Price FIVE STARS

Depending on the kit you purchase, from Economy, to Standard, to Couples, to Travellers, prices vary on the V2 models, but overall you are looking at extremely affordable e-cigarettes and extremely affordable products that do exactly what they claim to do. With V2, you get batteries, e-cigarettes, flavor changers, manuals, and more to provide you everything you need to adequately use the product, no matter what.

So, for people who have issues with finances, or those who just don’t want to spend a ton of money on cigarettes and e-cigarettes, V2 is certainly a model that can do the job and take on whatever you need when it comes to producing a high quality, worthwhile electronic cigarette.


V2Cigs Review – Flavor FOUR STARS

V2 has a wide variety of flavors available for purchase, including some non-traditional flavors that will really catch your eye, ranging from soda and vanilla, to some of the more traditional peppermint, cherry, menthol, and tobacco flavors. In short, there is certainly something for everyone regarding V2’s flavor capabilities and what they can do for you and your e-cigarette needs.

Unfortunately, some of the tobacco flavors are a little off; that is, they don’t perfectly match the true tobacco and nicotine flavors, and for that, V2 is marked down a bit, but considering how many flavors they have available and how many options they have that you can choose from, they score overall quite highly in the flavor department as an outfit that provides countless choices for whatever desires you may have.


V2Cigs Review – Quality FIVE STARS

Overall, the quality of the V2 e-cigarettes is extremely high. Not only do they have a phenomenal life on the battery, but they provide good quality options when it comes to flavors, instruction manuals, support systems, and even customer service (see below). In addition, the cigarettes were made with smokers in mind, and are clearly made by smokers themselves.

From high quality packaging materials to the perfect battery life and accessories that true smokers can appreciate, V2 e-cigarettes provide a very high quality option in the crowded, and unfortunately not always classy, e-cigarette market. For thousands of people who use them, in fact, this quality production has been noted and appreciated in just the three short years the company has been in existence.


V2Cigs Review – Customer Service FIVE STARS

When it comes to customer service, V2 e-cigarettes are top notch. First and foremost, they provide great options when it comes to shipping and mailing packages, with smokers receiving their trial packs and products very, very quickly relative to other companies and organizations.

In addition, V2 e-cigarettes provide high quality customer service for people when it comes to calling or contacting the company, and receiving quick, prompt, and courteous responses. In all areas of customer service, again, V2 proves that this company was created for, and specifically caters to, smokers and ex-smokers, and keep cigarette users at the top of mind when it comes to a variety of customer service and customer retention issues.


V2Cigs Review – Overall FIVE STARS

Overall, V2 e-cigarettes are the top of the bunch, and truly one of the better options on the market today when it comes to electronic cigarettes and accessories. No matter your budget, V2 is sure to be an affordable option for you, and in doing so, it can provide you a great option for a healthy cigarette that doesn’t involve nicotine or other problem chemicals.

In addition, with outstanding, top notch and perfect customer service, and high quality options when it comes to choosing everything from flavors to accessories, with long-lasting batteries and more to boot, V2 e-cigarettes are one of the premier options on the market today.

It says something about the company, which has only been around for nearly three years, to have already carved out and created a niche this strong in the market; nevertheless, though, they’ve worked hard and pursued high quality craftsmanship and product manufacturing, and it certainly shows in their products and offerings. You won’t be disappointed with V2’s offerings and products, nor their prices, as you browse the electronic cigarette market and figure out what works best for you and your needs. Hope you enjoyed our V2Cigs review!

  • Review Date: 1/13/2013
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