SkyCig Promo Code

Posted in Coupons by - January 28, 2013
SkyCig Promo Code

SkyCig Promo Code

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What’s better than a Sky Cig e-cig? Well not much, in fact, the UK can agree, Sky Cig is their favorite e-cigarette brand. This electronic cigarette company really does a fantastic job transitioning its customers from traditional cigarettes to the much healthier electronic cigarettes.


As with all better quality products in your local store, Sky Cig is not the cheapest e-cig in the market, however we would still strongly recommend users to at the very least try it, we think its well worth it! The flavor and taste of a SkyCig e-cig is not comparable to anything else in the market, it is really just a great experience! Battery life on a Sky Cig is sub par on getting an hour’s worth of smoking/vaping, however we do not see this as terribly horrible as it is not recommended to be puffing all day anyways! Sky Cig has a decently responsive CS (customer service) although we do wish that they would respond a bit quicker, their product is quality, contacting CS will rarely, if ever come up!

So should you try a Sky Cig? We think YES! Even if it is a little bit out of your price range, we strongly suggest that smoking something that feels and tastes better is worth the extra dollars and health pros in the long run!

  • Review Date: 1/28/2013
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