SkyCig Discount Code

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SkyCig Discount Code

SkyCig Discount Code

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When it comes to electronic cigarettes, there are quite a few options out there to choose from. One of the more popular and enduring options in the Sky Cig, a model that has just made a few changes to their product and is one of the more common eCigarettes out there on the market today.

To review, here is a little information about the SkyCig, as well as its ratings in a variety of categories from price, to customer service, quality, and flavor. And remember, if you are really curious; try the Sky Cig for yourself! It may be the only way to truly figure out whether or not it will work for you, after all.



This is an e-cigarette worth buying, but truth be told it is quite costly relative to other e-cigarettes. While it comes with a great deal of packaging and technology available, and is a high quality option for a lot of people who want a good cigarette alternative to actual smoking tobacco, Sky Cig can nevertheless set you back a fair amount in the pricing game.

That’s OK if you’ve got the money to do it, of course, or if you are OK with spending a fair amount of money on your order for an electronic cigarette, but increasingly for people with budget and financial issues who cannot justify spending a few extra dollars on an e-cigarette, well, Sky Cig may not be for you. In the trade off between cost and quality, Sky Cig rates highly in both – and more on quality below. Also we have a 10% off SkyCig discount code available below to help with the cost!



The flavor here is just what you would expect from a costly and highly-rated e-cigarette, likening it to a normal cigarette and providing a great alternative for people seeking the flavor of cigarettes without the health risks. For such a small battery, as compared to other brands, Sky Cig has a good vapor production and can provide a high quality flavor for people needing that fix without the nicotine.

They produce a variety of flavors, from menthol to cherry, to vanilla, and in the starter cartridge you are given all five flavors as a way to choose between what you like, including, of course, classic tobacco. Even the cherry flavor will surprise you as it leaves you feeling happy and, surprisingly, tastes just like cherries!



Sky Cig comes with a kit of flavor packets, and two batteries, as well. The batteries are close to the size of a real cigarette, so you can really mask the electronic feel and idea and make yourself feel that you are smoking the real deal. And, as discussed above, there are several flavor options to choose from improving the quality of the product overall in an immense way.

Unfortunately, though, the battery only tends to last for about an hour at a time, so it must be planned and recharged, and swapped out with the second battery constantly. While an hour of charge is more or less par for the course in the e-cigarette product field, it can certainly make things difficult when it comes to planning out your day and having to decide how and where to figure out your cigarette smoking patterns without running out of battery life and, god forbid, heading back to nicotine-filled cigarettes.


Customer Service TWO STARS

Unfortunately, Sky Cig is lacking in the customer service department, and fails to provide a high quality option or availability for people seeking something that they can contact and someone they can talk to if they have problems. For a company making a technological and technical product, it might behoove them to provide better customer service so that, if and when there are issues associated with their products, they can take them on handily and improve the process and manufacturing efficiency for customers.

As the company grows over time, though, this may correct itself; we will see. At the present day, though, Sky CIg’s customer service department is a bit unavailable and lacking in candor.



Overall, Sky Cig is a great option when it comes to e-cigarette choices. While there are some downsides and problems to having the e-cigarette, this option is relatively strong and is a basic, average e-cigarette manufacturer with a product that provides you what you need. No more nicotine, no more nasty cigarette smoke, and best of all, no more health risks and cancer diagnoses from smoking; instead, with Sky Cig, you get the best of both worlds – a fix for your addiction, and a healthy alternative to what you had been smoking!

For people looking to spend a little money and get a good e-cigarette, go with Sky Cig and their product line of flavored electronic tobacco, and other products. Don’t forget to add the 10% off SkyCig discount code below!


GET 10% OFF by using our exclusive SkyCig discount code during checkout:


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