SkyCig Coupon Code

Posted in Coupons by - April 11, 2013
SkyCig Coupon Code

SkyCig Coupon Code

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Known for quality and being one of the first established e-cigarette companies in the UK, SkyCig has made its permanent mark in the industry. Since their launch, SkyCig has improved on many key elements and factors that have plagued the e-cigarette industry.


The quality of a SkyCig electronic cigarette is fantastic. With the price point considered, it is at the same level as Green Smoke and E-Lites e-cigs. Their focus has been solely to improve and better their already terrific product. UK users have grown to love SkyCig’s efforts in improving their brand and if you search the internet,  you will find SkyCig loyalists! Nothing like a quality Sky Cig electronic cigarette to start your day!

  • Review Date: 4/11/2013
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