SkyCig Code

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SkyCig Code

SkyCig Code

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SkyCig has been one of the top selling electronic cigarette brands in the UK for quite some time now. Mainly for their pleasant aesthetics and unforgettable experience. The main selling point for SkyCig is the reputation and brand, just like Coca Cola or any world class company, SkyCig thrives on their image.


People have been smoking traditional cigarettes for years now, wouldn’t be great if people can smoke a more modern less primitive device? Viola, here is SkyCig the new approach to smoking. Although the safety question has not yet been answered, many users speculate that electronic cigarettes are the better method to smoking. With SkyCig electronic cigarettes, people can save money as they are considerably cheaper than your pack of cigarettes at your local liquor store. Sure you have many choices out there, however no choice for us has been easier for us to make than outright recommending SkyCig to everyone in the UK.

  • Review Date: 5/8/2013
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