Sky Cigs Discount Codes

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Sky Cigs Discount Codes

Sky Cigs Discount Codes

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Time to review a well established brand in the electronic cigarette realm, Sky Cig is well recognized as the most popular e-cig company in the United Kingdom. We are going to look into the quality and find out why so many people have converted to becoming Sky Cig loyalists versus the standard cigarette everyone is so used to smoking.


Sky Cig users cannot be poor, what we mean to say is that the Sky Cig electronic cigarette is marketed as a premium electronic cigarette and not everyone can afford it. Although the price tag is not as low as NuCig for example, the quality surely makes up for it! Don’t forget above the extra savings we provided above!

The flavor is awesome! No other way of putting it… What makes Sky Cig shine is the most important aspect of any e-cig, and that of course is the flavor. There are an array of flavors such as the cherry flavor, menthol flavor, vanilla flavor, classic tobacco flavor, and more!

Battery life on a Sky Cig is no good, well it’s not bad, but it’s not that good! Other electronic cigarettes seemed to have upgraded their battery technology where we feel that Sky Cig hasn’t. Their design and build is top notch, we just wish their battery duration was the same.

Sky Cig overall is terrific, after all there is a reason why they are the number one E-Cig company in the UK! We strongly suggest you to consider trying a Sky Cig electronic cig if you have not already!

  • Review Date: 2/26/2013
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