Sky Cigs Coupon Code

Posted in Coupons by - February 18, 2013
Sky Cigs Coupon Code

Sky Cigs Coupon Code

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We are exactly like you, in search of the best e-cig! We are happy to say that we believe that Sky Cig may possibly be the best electronic cigarette brand in the entire UK. Why you may ask? Not only did Sky Cig make its mark as one of the most reliable and trustworthy e-cig company in the niche but also the experience of puffing a Sky Cig electronic cigarette is truly a remarkable feeling!


Sky Cig has changed throughout the years, every change was an improvement. Older reviews may try to hurt the reputation of Sky Cigs, but be rest assured, their current model is top notch! Just like the other electronic cigarettes available in the market, Sky Cig is also safe and not dangerous to those around you, thus you can smoke it indoors. It also works like any other e cig, you breathe in only water vapor and you get a hit of the flavor/nicotine. The flavors of SkyCig are all awesome; every single one is worth trying and absolutely delicious and satisfying!

The starter kit comes with cartridges, two batteries, and a battery charger. Believe it or not, but each cartridge contains the equal to over 140+ puffs, meaning it’s actually cheaper than normal cigarettes! If you haven’t tried Sky Cig, just try it, you will not regret you did!

  • Review Date: 2/16/2013
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