Sky Cig Promotion Codes

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Sky Cig Promotion Codes

Sky Cig Promotion Codes

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Sky Cig is perhaps the most popular e-cigarette brand in the United Kingdom! The reason for their success has to do with simply quality, in fact, they have not even made many changes in the last few years, as it was not even needed! You shouldn’t be surprised if you encounter a Sky Cig e-cigarette in your neighborhood!


Sky Cigs is not a cheap brand; however it is worth the money considering its quality and flavor. The flavor of Sky Cigs is rich and really gives you a feel of the “good life!” As for the battery life, it’s not too bad, however we did wish it would last longer, it managed to pull off a good hour of enjoyable puffs. Although we have not experienced any issues with Sky Cigs customer support, we have seen other reviews and concede that their customer support department is slightly lacking.

All in all, Sky Cigs is a great option for those who have the money that choose to enjoy the finer things in life! Quality is above average, flavor is just right, and price, well it’s not horrible when you consider the health benefits you will have in the long run by smoking a quality e-cigarette like Sky Cigs!

  • Review Date: 2/8/2013
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