Sky Cig Promotion Code

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Sky Cig Promotion Code

Sky Cig Promotion Code

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What’s better than the world famous electronic cigarette named Sky Cig? Not much, actually through our testing and reviews, we found that Sky Cig lives up to their name, an electronic cigarette made for the heavens, ok it’s not that great, but it’s pretty good.


Cost-wise, Sky Cigs are not the cheapest, but we think they are worth the somewhat hefty price tag. Why you say? Well quality for one, and flavor! However if you are on a budget, like most of the UK, you can try a different cheaper electronic cigarette.

As for flavor, you can expect the best, not only for the price tag, but for the true experience it brings. The vapor a Sky Cig produces is utterly awesome! All of their flavors are worth a try; we have yet to meet anyone, who has regretted the flavor. The quality along with the flavor is long lasting; you can expect your Sky Cig equipment to outlast any other product out there.

Even though their customer service is not that great, we think that Sky Cig is a terrific decision and a wise purchase.

  • Review Date: 1/31/2013
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