Sky Cig Discount Code

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Sky Cig Discount Code

Sky Cig Discount Code

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The Sky Cig is one of the best leading brands of electronic cigarettes in the UK. For years Sky Cig has been providing top quality electronic cigarette packages to thousands of customers looking to either quit smoking or make their smoking safer for them and their families. Today, the latest brand of Sky Cig products promise to provide more convenience and ease of use for today’s smoker.


The two-piece electronic cigarette technology that combines flavor with the cartomizer provides more variety, durability and long lasting smoking pleasure without the carcinogens of tobacco. The Sky Cig promises to be more proficient than many of the other current brands on the market. However, the new product is simply an upgrade of the previous line of Sky Cig electronic cigarettes that have been highly successful over the years.

The main advantage of the Sky Cig is that it is far healthier and safer to smoke than regular tobacco. For those who are looking to quit, the Sky Cig is the perfect product that provides the nicotine without the carcinogens that are found in tobacco. Furthermore, for those who are not interested in quitting smoking, the Sky Cig is not only safer, it is also cheaper to smoke than regular tobacco products.

The Sky Cig uses an electronic package that is in the shape of a standard tobacco cigarette. The e-cig itself is divided into two parts, the flavor container and the heating elements. When you draw in on the Sky Cig, the heating elements activate and vaporize the liquids in the flavor container. What you breathe in is safe water vapor that contains the nicotine and the flavor that you have chosen. From regular tobacco to a wide variety of flavors, the Sky Cig provides plenty of smoking pleasure that is safe for you and those around you.

What helps separate the Sky Cig from the competition is the high quality materials and emphasis on providing a safe, long lasting product for a price that is low and competitive with other brands. For those who intend on quitting smoking, Sky Cig is the perfect product as the nicotine levels can be adjusted over time to gradually wean you off smoking. Furthermore, you do not suffer from the agitation that affects many of those who try to quit because the oral fixation and habits developed during smoking are still present. The Sky Cig handles and operates just like a real cigarette.

The Sky Cig Starter Package is comprised of 5 electronic cigarettes complete with refill cartridges, 2 electronic cigarette batteries, 2 battery chargers complete with USB charger as well. The 5 flavor cartridges includes is the equivalent of 150 tobacco cigarettes, meaning that you will save money as you use the Sky Cig product. Sky Cig creates no second hand smoke issues and can be used at restaurants and other public places, though it is recommended that you tell the management first.

Overall, the Sky Cig is a superior electronic cigarette design that provides all the pleasure of smoking with far fewer consequences. We can heartily recommend the Sky Cig as the perfect way to help you quit smoking or to enjoy the pleasures of smoking at a fraction of the cost.

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