Sky Cig Coupon Code

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Sky Cig Coupon Code

Sky Cig Coupon Code

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SKYCIG has been known to be a popular brand in the UK, but did you know that SKYCIG is growing and expanding. Instead of getting into the details as to what they are planning, we rather talk about we they are growing so rapidly. A few things come into mind when a company quickly grows, quality and value. Lucky for SKYCIG, they have both…


What makes SkyCig so great are a few things. First, they are possibly the most famous brand in the United Kingdom (kind of a Prius Hybrid effect on people), secondly, their flavour is absolutely perfect, third, the build quality of each of the electronic cigarettes is well above average, and if those weren’t enough, they just look out right awesome; it’s no wonder they are so popular.¬†Electronic cigarettes preach to the “technology” smoker, one who is value oriented and desiring a different option to the normal boring cigarettes that have been around since literally the 18th century! Try Sky Cig, you will be glad you have done so!

  • Review Date: 5/1/2013
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