Sky Cig Codes

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Sky Cig Codes

Sky Cig Codes

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Most people that are searching the internet for electronic cigarettes are looking for the most reputable and flavorful e-cig on the market. Sky Cig for years has been that golden e cigarette brand that you have been looking for! The quality, flavors, and experience that comes with smoking a Sky Cig cigarette is amazing!


Sky cigs like all electronic cigarettes are a lot healthier than the alternative tobacco cigarette. Most people that engage smoking Sky Cigs is either looking to quit smoking and/or are looking for a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. When you look at a SkyCig product you will see that their design is exactly like a normal cigarette, further defining the experience into a similar one to a cigarette. Then when you draw the electronic cigarette, you feel a very familiar experience, only this time it is a better experience than your normal cigarette! Now what about that smoke? It’s nothing but water vapor, best of all; it’s safe to smoke indoors and around your family with no stench or second hand smoke!

We found their starter kits very comprehensive and everything made flawlessly, even down to their charger! We do not find the need to look elsewhere with this brand; Sky Cigs is definitely one of the best brands in the UK e-cig market!

  • Review Date: 2/16/2013
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