ROK Universal Discount Code

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ROK Universal Discount Code

ROK Universal Discount Code

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ROK is a premium electronic cigarette based in the United Kingdom that has jumped into the market over time, working very hard to pick up market share and provide a high quality cigarette for people to smoke without the fear of nicotine and other issues with normal cigarettes. Get savings by activating the ROK Universal discount code link above!

Let’s grade out the ROK Electronic Cigarette, and see if it’s something worth purchasing for you and your needs:



For what you are getting, the ROK e-cigarette is pretty moderately priced. You get an entire package with filters, flavor packs, battery packs, a user’s manual, and more when you purchase the ROK product, and their British pricing system starts at 45 pounds. This includes two batteries, five carts to use, and a seven-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their product. Good show, ROK!



ROK is a pretty compact and simple e-cigarette, but don’t let that fool you – you’re still going to get quite a bit of flavor out of what they’re selling, and it’ll hit you with a punch (in a good way!). ROK provides various flavors from vanilla and cherry, to the more traditional tobacco flavors that old school smokers have come to love, but rest assured that there is truly something for everyone with a ROK cigarette and a flavor that works wonders.



The batteries on the ROK cigarette just flat out don’t last long enough; heavy users have reported getting anywhere from 100 to 120 drags off the ROK cigarette at any one time, which is fine, but certainly not the top flight in the industry. Nevertheless, though, battery charging is easy and simple, so while ROK could do a better job with responsiveness and quality, this issue won’t doom them from the start by any means.


Customer Service FOUR STARS

ROK does a nice job with customer service, being available through email and the phone, as well as Twitter and Facebook presences that can answer questions for you and take care of you. Additionally, following their social streams often results in you getting big discounts on cigarettes, too, so if you hunt a little bit you can get a nice discount from using their social services!



For a relatively new e-cigarette out on the market today, ROK is a pretty impressive specimen. For a smaller brand, and certainly a smaller package with less specialty items, ROK will nevertheless surprise you with what it can do you and what it can provide for you and your needs. While heavy, heavy smokers may need a more heavy duty brand to take them through than ROK, smokers who are daily users and more normal patterns will find ROK perfectly meets their needs and is a professional, cost-effective electronic cigarette that they can keep using consistently over time. Enjoy!

  • Review Date: 2/6/2013
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