ROK Universal Coupon Code

Posted in Coupons by - February 20, 2013
ROK Universal Coupon Code

ROK Universal Coupon Code

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When you take a look at ROK Universal, what do you see, well we see a “professional” approach to an electronic cigarette. The presentation screams class and quality. ROK does not contain any harmful ingredients and has a very pleasant vibe and feel to it.


Tests show that ROK is a very clean non-cancerous e-cig, that is as healthy as it looks clean. As oppose to other e-cig brands that try to appear to look “cool,” ROK has focused on the upper society class that wants to be “smart” by smoking electronic cigarettes. They too have a starter kit that comes with quite a few things. When you buy the standard starter kit, you will receive five cartomizers, two batteries, home charger, usb charger (computer charger), unique ROK carrying case, user guide, and even a smoking card, letting people know that your e-cig is not harmful and CAN be smoked indoors.

Their price tag is surely not the cheapest, however their quality and presentation is surely not lacking, we recommend ROK for those who want a more elegant approach to smoking e cigs.

  • Review Date: 2/20/2013
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