ROK Electronic Cigarette Review

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ROK Electronic Cigarette Review

ROK Electronic Cigarette Review

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With the increasing concerns about the effects of tobacco both for the smoker and those around them, electronic cigarettes are gaining greater favor among the public. One of the many electronic cigarette products on the market today is the ROK.

The ROK Universal E-Cigarette is presented in a professional package that has all the appearances of a tobacco product. However, the electronic cigarette does not contain any tobacco at all. Instead, each cartomizer, which has the shape and coloring of a real tobacco cigarette, contains a small battery, an atomizer or heating element and liquid flavoring that contains nicotine.


When the ROK is placed to the lip and the smoker draws in, the atomizer is activated which heats the liquid containing the nicotine and flavoring and turns it into water vapor. The vapor is drawn into the lungs and then released. Although there is no smoke, there is the water vapor that simulates the smoking experience.

The advantages of the ROK over traditional tobacco products start with the fact that there is no tobacco or the carcinogens that causes cancer, only the nicotine and the flavoring vapor. This means that the ROK presents no danger to those that are around the smoker as there is no second-hand smoke. Plus, the smoker is only exposed to the nicotine in the electronic cigarette.

For those who wish to quit smoking, the ROK is better than nicotine patches or gum because the oral fixation of handing the cigarette is being addressed. Here, the smoker can gradually reduce the nicotine in the liquid until they can safely kick the habit.

For those that have no interest in quitting, the ROK as well as other electronic cigarettes are far cheaper to use than tobacco. A typical ROK electronic cartomizer will last up to 20 or more uses before it must be properly disposed. A pack of 5 ROK e-cigs will last over 100 uses, which means given the low, modest price of the starter kit, a smoker can save a considerable amount of money compared to rising tobacco prices.

Furthermore, the atomizer in the ROK electronic cigarette is only activated when the smoker draws in on the cartomizer. This means that the fire danger presented by the ROK is almost non-existent. When you compare that to the numerous accidents that cause property damage, injury and even death from lit tobacco products that set fire to flammable materials, the ROK is definitely the smart choice.

The ROK Starter Kit comes with the following;

–          5 Cartomizers

–          2 Batteries

–          USB Charger

–          Main Charger

–          Personal Charging Case

–          User Manual

–          Smoking Card

Essentially, the smoking card outlines where the ROK can be smoked according to the law. However, it is recommended that before you smoke the ROK in public facility that you warn management first.

The modest price, high quality and durability of the ROK make it one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market today. For those who are considering quitting smoking or just wanting to save their money, the ROK is a great choice.

  • Review Date: 2/15/2013
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