Quit Smoking with Acupuncture

Posted in Blog by - January 17, 2013

Acupuncture was developed and originated from China. The idea with acupuncture is that it alleviates pain and stress blocks by sticking needles in the meridian (stress points in your body). It is an ancient, sacred method still used today worldwide!

It is said that this very same method of stress relief can also be applied to users quitting their habit of smoking! It is claimed that smoking is a sign of stress and the cigarette gives the user a relief with the soothing tobacco and smoke, so since acupuncture is said to relieve stress, thus any need for a cigarette. In fact, acupuncture was famous a few years ago for the “cure”. Of course the reality is that it was in their head, trying something new that you want it to work, will work! It’s really that simple! Of course, it didn’t last too long, after a while… when users that got used to trying acupuncture to quit smoking realized that it was just in their head and that tobacco is a REAL addiction then acupuncture became less of a cure.

Reality is:

The actual number of patients, who tried this method, found out that they got back into their habit not too long after reality sank in!

Other treatment was a lot stronger and more efficient than acupuncture, for example e-cigarettes proved to be a better mental solution.

In other words, if you would really like to stop smoking, then see an expert or try newer methods of quitting, like e-cigarettes or actual therapy! A real addiction needs to be solved by a real solution; unfortunately acupuncture was not that solution!

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