NuCig Review

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NuCig Review

NuCig Review

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NuCig Review

Electronic cigarettes have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. One of the most lauded is the NuCig, a product that has received rave reviews for its performance, cost and reliability. The NuCig is an electronic cigarette that replaces traditional tobacco with a specially crafted cylinder that is shaped just like a cigarette.

The NuCig cylinder holds a battery, heating element or atomizer and a liquid package that contains nicotine and a flavoring element. When the smoker draws in on the NuCig, the atomizer heats the liquid causing it to turn into water vapor. The water vapor is then drawn into the lungs delivering the nicotine and sensation of flavor. The vapor that is breathed out contains no carcinogens or harmful materials which makes it safe to use in public places. Now for the NuCig review!


NuCig Review

The biggest advantage the NuCig offers is that it does not contain the harmful carcinogens of tobacco which have been linked to lung cancer. Furthermore, the NuCig does not stain the fingers, lips or teeth with tobacco product. There is no tar, no ash and no tobacco smell unless the smoker want to select it from the other 30 flavors available.

For smokers who want to quit the habit, the NuCig offers the perfect vehicle in that the nicotine content can be reduced over time, allowing the smoker to quit when they are ready. Furthermore, the oral fixation which is not addressed by nicotine patches and gums is handled by the NuCig product. A smoker handles the cylinder just like the would a regular tobacco cigarette. This means that the habit of smoking can be quit gradually at the smoker’s own pace.

For smokers who are not interested in quitting, the NuCig offers another advantage in terms of price. Considering the rising cost of tobacco, each electronic cigarette can be smoked up to 20 or more times before being disposed. A pack of 5 NuCigs can be smoked over 100 times before needed to be replaced. When you consider how much 100 cigarettes cost and the modest price of the NuCig, it’s clear that a smoker can save a tremendous amount of money.

Another consideration is safety. Lit tobacco cigarettes are well known fire hazard which can cause property damage, injury and death. The heating element of the NuCig is only activated when the smoker inhales on the product. This means that the fire danger from the NuCig is virtually nil compared to the tobacco version.

The NuCig can be purchased in different sets from the starter, basic and full depending on the needs and the budget of the smoker. The reliability and durability of this products are only matched by the realistic look the NuCig provides. This means it will take close inspection before it’s revealed that the NuCig is an electronic cigarette.

When considering all the advantages of the NuCig, it’s clear that this is one of the finest electronic cigarette products on the market today. During our NuCig review we conclude that the NuCig is simply one of the best on the market providing plenty of flavor choices, a simple refill system and elegant design.

  • Review Date: 2/13/2013
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