NuCig Discount Code

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NuCig Discount Code

NuCig Discount Code

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NuCig in the last few years have exploded into a cost effective company in the electronic cigarette world for the UK. The starter kits offered by NuCig start at a very low price and they come with everything you would expect with a normal starter kit from their competitors (this includes the battery, atomizer, five flavor cartridges, charger, and a gorgeous case.


NuCig even offers disposable e cigs that completely match the authentic feel of a normal cigarette, except this version is a lot healthier. With a disposable electronic cigarette you get about 500 puffs, that’s a lot more than a pack of cigarettes and it’s cheaper too. Flavors offered by NuCig are the original cigar, chocolate, apple, menthol, tobacco flavor, etc. Our favorite would have to be the strawberry and tobacco flavor. As for battery life, you can expect your NuCig electronic cigarette to last a fair amount with decreasing vapor production (common with all e cigs). NuCig is definitely a company you should consider when looking for a cheap, but quality alternative to normal cigarettes.

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