NuCig Coupon

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NuCig Coupon

NuCig Coupon

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Nucig has become a famous brand in the electronic cigarettes UK market for one reason and one reason only. The cost of a Nucig electronic cigarette starter kit is cheap and a bargain for the quality. Maybe the creators did not think it through, however the “Nucig” or “new cig” is here to stay and won’t be new for long!


New to the UK market, NUCIG is offers disposable electronic cigarettes. These special e-cigs are very cheap to use and a great way to try the electronic cigarette experience. Similar to the other electronic cigarette companies, NUCIG offers an array of flavours, all of which were terrific in our testing. Battery life is up to par with the rest of their competitors and the overall experience was also at the same level, however when you consider the price tag of a Nucig e-cig, we think that NUCIG will make a permanent mark in the UK. Not much to lose when you consider the value, give NUCIG a shot!

  • Review Date: 4/2/2013
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