NuCig Coupon Code

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NuCig Coupon Code

NuCig Coupon Code

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NuCig, true to name is the new cig in the market. Aside from being “a new cig” an electronic cigarette, they are also the new electronic cigarette company in the game! They are already known as the best performing and cost effective electronic cigarette brand in the UK market.


The NuCig e-cig works like all of the other electronic cigarettes, there is a battery and an atomizer than contains the flavor. Once the unit is heated up, the liquid quickly turns into water vapor, thus giving the user the smoking experience without harming those around him/her. Also like the other electronic cigarette brands, you can smoke a NuCig cigarette in public. So how does NuCig differ? One word… PRICE! The price of NuCig is not expensive and the quality is at the same level as excellent established e-cigarette companies like Sky Cig. We also found the design of NuCig cigarettes quite pleasant to the eye and definitely trendy matching if not exceeding its competition. We applaud NuCig for coming into the UK e-cig market with nothing but value and quality.

  • Review Date: 2/17/2013
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