Learn How to Smoke a Cigar

Posted in Blog by - February 25, 2013

Most people who haven’t tried smoking a cigar may find their first attempt to be quite a difficult and rough experience. Before you get embarrassed out there, let me teach you how to do it properly. The methods of which I am about to write in this article for use only with a NON-electronic cigar!

Step one is the same as with a normal cigarette, except its better to use a mini torch to light the cigar. Now to light it simply torch the cigar gently and evenly all the way around the cigar until you have a nice even burn all the way around. Not too hard is it? Almost forgot, get a clipper to cut the cigar where you will put your mouth to.

Step two is the option you have to burn it all the way to the tip or burn it to the remaining two inches. Experts encourage cigar smokers NOT to smoke a cigar all of the way as it doesn’t taste as good as it approaches your face. Regarding the ashes, cigars are elegant and the ashes do not need to be forced off, instead it comes off slowly and gently.

Last step is enjoying the cigar. ENJOY IT. Do not rush smoking a cigar. The taste of a cigar is incomparable to any taste in the world, well at least in my opinion. Do not inhale the cigar either, it’s really bad for you and when you inhale too much, it doesn’t even feel good! Taste the cigar and enjoy the experience! If not try e-cigarettes instead.

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