IntelliCig Review

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IntelliCig Review

IntelliCig Review

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New on the market, and a flashy product made for many different people in the United States and the United Kingdom, the Intellicig is jumping in at the low end of the game, with low prices for their materials and super cost-effective ways to get in on the e-cigarette market for a variety of new users. But don’t let that fool you – Intellicig can also get the job done when it comes to providing users and smokers with a good quality product and a nice presentation, including batteries, flavors, and more.

Let’s we will conduct our IntelliCig review, and find out why it’s making so many waves in the industry with its presentation, products, quality service, value, and more.


IntelliCig Review – Price FIVE STARS

First and foremost, the price is surely something to get excited about! Starting at prices of the starter kit under 30 pounds in the United Kingdom, the Intellicig is one of the most moderately priced cigarettes on the market today for those in the electronic cigarette market, if not the most moderately priced. Obviously, for people where money is an issue with their e-cigarettes, our IntelliCig review concluded that Intellicig is likely the way to go when it comes to saving money on a high quality electronic cigarette, and not wasting money on larger or more develop brands.


IntelliCig Review – Flavor FOUR STARS

While Intellicig does the flavor packaging a bit different than other electronic cigarette marketers and manufacturers, they nevertheless produce a good quality flavor. The produce their own electronic liquid flavors in house, which is a positive for many electronic cigarette users and smokers, and they also use their regular flavor ECOpure refills with a good amount of vapor for any person looking to smoke a considerable amount. It is in our expert IntelliCig review that for heavy electronic cigarette users, Intellicig provides enough of a flavor option and choices to be noteworthy and professional.


IntelliCig Review – Quality TWO STARS

Unfortunately, you get what you pay for sometimes, and that comes with Intellicig’s overall quality. The build quality and design of these electronic cigarettes is, well, cheap, and that’s to be expected in some ways considering how cheaply they have been put on the market and what low prices they currently sell for in the United Kingdom. While they are good and decent electronic cigarettes for people who are looking for something that will work well and cheaply, heavy smokers won’t find much use for the Intellicig products, unfortunately.


IntelliCig Review – Customer Service THREE STARS

Just like overall build quality, Intellicig doesn’t do too much for customer service, providing phone and email support but intermittently. Unfortunately for people who have significant customer service issues or problems with these electronic cigarettes, it may be difficult to get a live person on the phone and get significant help for your problems related to manufacturing or design.


Overall IntelliCig Review THREE STARS

Overall during our IntelliCig review, we believe that you get what you pay for with Intellicig. While it is, of course, a low-cost electronic cigarette that can be ideal for people who are looking for something simple that will work, for serious smokers who are looking for something more heavy duty won’t unfortunately find it with Intellicig. But, for those just starting out on electronic cigarettes, or those looking to smoke just a bit each day, Intellicig will more than get the job done moving forward as a great option!

  • Review Date: 1/26/2013
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