GreenSmoke Discount

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GreenSmoke Discount

GreenSmoke Discount

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Hence their name, Green Smoke provides a natural feeling experience that has been enjoyed by millions. Green Smoke has established themselves to become one of the leaders in the UK market of electronic cigarettes. The reason? Quality with a great price tag for the quality!


As mentioned above, what gives Green Smoke authority over its competitors is the price, which isn’t bad when you compare it to Sky Cigs! Just like food, the company and quality behind a product is what determines its safety and durability, not to mention value! The flavor of Green Smoke is exquisite, nothing like you have ever tried before, it’s just simply smashing with a taste like no other! Flavors like the “fruity” ones were even surprising excellent, in fact those were our favorite! The presentation of Green Smoke is terrific, the quality of Green Smoke is out of this world, and the battery life is even decent, it’s really no wonder that they are beating their competitors! As with most other e-cigarette companies, customer service is not ultra quick, but acceptable for this industry…

How should we put this…? If you have not tried Green Smoke E-Cigarettes you are missing out, it’s as simple as that! Try it and you will always be coming back for that rich flavor and experience, especially when we have a GreenSmoke discount above!

  • Review Date: 1/29/2013
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