GreenSmoke Discount Codes

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GreenSmoke Discount Codes

GreenSmoke Discount Codes

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Green Smoke has proudly been in the e-cig industry now for several years, being one of the first UK e-cigarette companies, Green Smoke has not once sacrificed quality over profits. Thus they thrive from then till now! Green Smoke offers a premium alternative to V2 the US based popular electronic cigarette.


The price of Green Smoke is a bit more expensive than some of the cheap electronic cigarette options out there, however we found there price to be just right. Quality surely matches the price tag with Green Smoke. Buying a starter kit with Green Smoke is at an especially good value. Flavor is top notch, we don’t know a better tasting brand than Green Smoke, and we absolutely love them!

The battery life and quality build of a Green Smoke electronic cigarette is terrific. Once again their moderate price is a bargain when you compare it to what you actually receive. The battery life lasts a long time when compared to most of the other electronic cigs on the market. Customer service is decent, not the best, but close to it. In fact we feel that customer service is the only category that they somewhat lack in, but once again pros out do the cons with Green Smoke!

Overall, there are not many companies that can compete with Green Smoke. Obvious quality and flavor improvements over their competition puts them way ahead, we believe that they will hold their competition at bay and provide a quality experience for its users for years to come!

  • Review Date: 2/21/2013
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