GreenSmoke Discount Code

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GreenSmoke Discount Code

GreenSmoke Discount Code

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Green Smoke is a healthy approach to the standard cigarettes. Green Smoke’s electronic cigarettes are perhaps the best rated e-cig on the UK market! Although, Green Smoke is not the eldest company in the niche, they are proving to be one of the best!


The shape and size of a Green Smoke electronic cigarette practically the same size as a normal cigarette you would buy at your store. It’s Green Smoke’s mission to put an end to unhealthy cigarettes and open the world to a healthier choice. The feeling and experience of smoking is matched harmoniously when compared to traditional cigarettes. We found Green Smoke to be extremely well-priced, especially when compared to the other their competitors’ quality and feel. There are two versions of their starter kit, one is their express cheaper model and the other is the correctly named Ultimate kit, which includes tons of extras! For those of you looking to quit your bad habit of smoking, or simply wish to find a way to make your habit a bit healthier, Green Smoke is definitely one of those reliable choices you have when choosing your electronic cigarette brand.

  • Review Date: 2/16/2013
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