GreenSmoke Coupon

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GreenSmoke Coupon

GreenSmoke Coupon

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Green Smoke’s mission from the beginning was to provide a quality realistic smoking experience without the dangerous chemicals. We can confirm that there mission was definitely accomplished. The quality of their e-cigarettes is smashing and a lot healthier than the smoking alternative.


The price tag on Green Smoke isn’t cheap, but it really isn’t that expensive either. It’s between Sky Cig and V2 Cigs. With Green Smoke really consider the quality you are buying rather than the cheapness in your mind. Green Smoke really shines in the flavor department; we mean it really blows its competition out of the water! It seems like every flavor we tried was unbelievably perfect, even the ones you would not even expect like Apple! The quality of Green Smoke e-cigs are second to none, the build and the experience of smoking their cigarettes would be the only way to understand what we are boasting about! Customer service with Green Smoke is above average and more than adequate for the e-cigarette world.

To conclude, we found Green Smoke to be one of our favorites, actually it is our favorite e-cigarette. We strongly suggest you try it; the vibe and feeling you get from smoking their electronic cigarettes are worth every penny, especially when using our GreenSmoke coupon above!

  • Review Date: 1/24/2013
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