Green Smoke Reviews

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Green Smoke Reviews

Green Smoke Reviews

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Green Smoke is one the many different electronic cigarette products on the market today, offering a way for smokers to quit the habit or greatly reduce the cost of smoking over time. Electronic cigarettes have gained quite a bit of favor over the past decade for their ability to reduce the habit of smoking as well as providing greater health protection.

The Green Smoke is an electronic product that has the same shape and coloring of a standard tobacco cigarette. However, the product itself consists of a flavor cartridge and heating element inside the cartomizer or shell of the electronic cigarette. When the smoker inhales on the Green Smoke, the heating element activates the flavor cartridge which is filled with a liquid containing nicotine and a particular flavor. The heat turns the liquid into water vapor which is then inhaled.


Green Smoke Reviews
The advantages of the Green Smoke over tobacco cigarettes starts with the fact that there are none of the carcinogens that tobacco has contained in this product, only nicotine. This means that the Green Smoke is safe to use in public since there are no second hand smoke concerns. However, it is advised that you should warn the management of any establishment that you are going to use the Green Smoke first.

The second advantage to the Green Smoke is the cost. Once of these cartomizers is the equivalent of 20 or more regular tobacco cigarettes. This means that the smoker can save money while using this product. Furthermore, one of the more subtle advantages is that the heating element of the Green Smoke is only activated when it is inhaled. This means that it shuts off when not in use and presents almost no fire danger compared to regular tobacco cigarettes.

There are two versions of the Green Smoke Starter Kits. The first is the Express version that comes with a single battery, a 5 pack of cartomizers, two USB chargers and a single USB pass-through. The Green Smoke Ultimate Starter Kit comes with the carrying case, three batteries, ten cartomizers, USB pass-through, two USB chargers and two additional chargers for the wall and car.

Also, there are five flavors that can be chosen from using the Green Smoke system. While this is a limited choice compared to some other products on the market, the cartridges are adaptable to refill by any other manufacturer. The Green Smoke is sturdy, well make and easy to use, providing many hours of smoking pleasure without fear of the carcinogens of standard tobacco products.

All in all, the Green Smoke electronic cigarette is a fine product that offers a way for smokers to kick the habit or at least reduce both the cost and health concerns over time. While a little expensive, it does do what is promised and comes with a limited warranty to insure the value of the product itself. The Green Smoke comes highly recommended for smokers who either wish to quit the habit or cut down on the expense of their smoking.

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