Green Smoke Promotional Code

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Green Smoke Promotional Code

Green Smoke Promotional Code

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Of the many electronic cigarette devices on the market today, one of the most highly rated is the Green Smoke Pro Kit. This remarkable product provides a high quality electronic cigarette package that can help smokers kick the habit or save a considerable amount of money on tobacco products.

The electronic cigarette system of Green Smoke is divided into the cartomizer, the long cylindrical barrel in the shape of the cigarette that holds the liquid package which consists of nicotine and flavoring elements and the atomizer, the heating device that attaches to the cartomizer to form the electronic cigarette.


The Green Smoke Pro Kit comes with a long rechargeable e-cig battery, a short rechargeable e-cig battery, a USB cigarette and USB charger, 2 Packs of FlavorMax Cartomizers, A wall and car and car adaptor, deluxe carrying case, a member card and user guide. Green Smoke also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. The member card helps explain to the management of public facilities that your e-cig is not a tobacco product.

The Green Smoke e-cig is actually simple to put together as the atomizer and cartomizer attach together relatively easily. This allows for the smoker to quickly use this product once the battery in the atomizer has been charged. Using the Green Smoke consists of drawing in on the end of the atomizer which activates the heating element. The liquid is then turned into water vapor and drawn into the lungs and then released.

Since there is no tobacco in the Green Smoke e-cig, there are none of the cancer-causing carcinogens present in the e-cig as well. This means that the smoker does not put anyone in danger around them by using this product. The Green Smoke is sturdily constructed and the Pro Kit has a number of features which makes the Green Smoke easy to take with you anywhere.

One of the best advantages of the Green Smoke e-cig system is that the cartomizer is integrated with the atomizer. That means you don’t have to spend time refilling the flavor packages, you just simply order a new cartomizer and attach it to the atomizer and you are ready. The easy use of Green Smoke makes it one of the simpler e-cig systems on the market today. Many other e-cig brands are stuck with time consuming refill applications while the Green Smoke simply trades out new cartomizers.

Another advantage is that the Green Smoke has recently been reduced in price to allow more people to enjoy the advantages of saving money using e-cigs. Because each Green Smoke atomizer unit can be reused many times, a single Green Smoke e-cig can last as long as 15 to 20 tobacco cigarettes. This can save the smoker a considerable amount of money over the long term even if they decide not to quit.

For those who want a high quality e-cig product that is easy to use, the Green Smoke is one of the better e-cig devices on the market today.

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