Green Smoke Discount

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Green Smoke Discount

Green Smoke Discount

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Enjoyed throughout the world, Green Smoke is a healthy option to traditional cigarettes. The main difference from Green Smoke and the rest of the electronic cigarettes is quality and battery life. Green Smoke does not contain any bad substances that can cause cancer like normal cigarettes do. Green Smoke is targeting people to smoke electronic cigarettes for both the health factor and value factor.


Being one of the oldest brands in the electronic cigarette world, Green Smoke has stayed true to reputation and quality, where many of the other brands got greedy and incorporated cheaper materials. The flavor options of Green Smoke is heaven for any avid smoker. We prefer the absolute tobacco flavor ourselves, but literally every flavor they offer is popular and worth trying especially the mocha mist! The design of Green Smoke is elegant and rich, this is the audience they are targeting, not the street punks! Everything is very easy to use, be it an 18 year old or grandfather, if you know how to smoke a cigarette, you know how to smoke a Green Smoke e-cig! We strongly encourage anyone who has not tried Green Smoke to give it a shot, it is well worth it!

  • Review Date: 3/14/2013
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