Green Smoke Discount Codes

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Green Smoke Discount Codes

Green Smoke Discount Codes

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Almost every electronic cigarette user in the UK knows the brand Green Smoke, but in case you have not heard of them, here is a little insight on their brand and product. Green Smoke is exactly like the other electronic cigarette companies when it comes to addressing the health concerns that a normal e-cigarette possesses, however they differ when it comes to EVERYTHING else!


Green Smoke does not contain any carcinogens that a normal tobacco cigarette carries. The obvious health advantage and no giving off second hand smoke is the main reason why people use electronic cigarettes to begin with! Oh and by the way, don’t worry about causing a fire, e-cigarettes only get hot when activated by breathing in, otherwise no heat is present!

Now let’s talk about Green Smoke in particular, Green Smoke has two starter kits offered. One is called the express kit and the other the ultimate kit, as you can imagine the ultimate kit comes with a ton of extras, however we find the express kit to be sufficient enough for the average user. Every flavor offered by Green Smoke is terrific! Green Smoke often has deals and beats the competition in almost every department; you better try it if you haven’t already!

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