Great Tips for Smoking Termination

Posted in Blog by - January 15, 2013

Try your best to simply stop!

Think of cigarettes as a wheelchair! You get used to the support even though it is possible that one day you can overcome your disability. Not trying to quit will permanently prevent you from possibly succeeding. Did you know that half of what a smoker inhales is simply air? Sometimes all it takes is a few breathes and air to fulfill your needs. So get refreshed and merely stop smoking!

What if I don’t quit?

It’s very important to realize the actual consequences of not quitting. Simply think about all of the people who have passed away or have gotten ill due to smoking. How can one forget the commercials of the woman with the hole in her neck! Remember buying cigarettes is not a cheap addiction; couldn’t your children use that money instead? Of course, to be fair make sure to include the good and bad, pros and cons not quitting too!

Ponder the reasons why you want to quit!

Really think about why you want to quit! If you have children, wish to have grandchildren one day, etc? Women and men alike who do not smoke hate smokers, it’s that nasty smell! Doesn’t even hurt to keep a diary or journal on your feelings about smoking; be sure to list things like the obvious inconvenience, health risks, smells, etc. Don’t forget about how good it will feel to quit for good!

E-Cigarette Opportunity

Instead of smoking a standard cigarette which contains a ton of bad ingredients, why not try an e-cigarette? E-cigarettes have proven to be a terrific way to slowly but surely quit smoking! There are different levels of tobacco and you can have the feeling of smoking but actually smoking a lot amount of tobacco!

Best of luck to you!

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