Get Rid of That Cigarette Smell

Posted in Blog by - February 04, 2013

Ever get into a car and smell the smoke? Yuck! With electronic cigarettes, you do not have to worry about the smell and gunk. Let’s just say you are a normal, unhealthy smoker, what do you do to get rid of that awful smell that just seems to linger in the car. I am sure you have tried everything from air fresheners and the works… Well let me tell you what actually works!

Number one, get your car shampooed and cleaned. Masking the smell won’t do anything at all, it may smell better for a small while but quickly, it will stink all over again.

Everything needs to be shampooed, floor mats, seats, headliner, etc. Check Amazon for the best deodorizing cleaner for cars, they have tons of reviews too. Alternatively, you can just go to your local store, I am sure they have something that will help.

That’s it, not too hard is it? Just clean, clean, clean; spend a whole day if you have to. It’s worth it in the long run. But seriously, if you haven’t already, just try electronic cigarettes, they don’t stink, they are healthier, and give off the same effect traditional cigarettes do!

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