Gamucci Review

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Gamucci Review

Gamucci Review


Gamucci’s brand of electronic cigarettes have been on the market for some time, and hit it quite big in America where they have become fairly popular with many users. Like many electronic cigarette products and services, they provide an entire accessory kit for you in order to use batteries, a recharger, flavor packs, and anything else you might need to promote your health when it comes to electronic cigarettes.

It’s important, then, to review Gamucci’s products to see if they stand up to the test, and see how their electronic cigarettes fare against competitors who are often bigger, more popular, and come with better manufacturing backgrounds. Feel free to read our comprehensive Gamucci review…


Gamucci Review – Price FIVE STARS

The Gamucci cigarette brand is certainly extremely cost effective. For electronic cigarette users who are concerned about price and cost, you can rest assured that with Gamucci, you’re going to get everything good and fine with no worries on the other end, as they provide a high quality product and great electronic cigarettes at a fair price.

For just under $50 USD, you can get the full accessory kit and get started with Gamucci’s products to enhance your life and improve your health through their electronic cigarette packaging. It’s definitely a very cost-efficient option for people who are looking for a cheap and accessible e-cigarette on any budget. Our Gamucci review concludes that price isn’t everything, keep reading.


Gamucci Review – Flavor TWO STARS

Gamucci doesn’t offer nearly as many flavor options as some of its competitors, unfortunately, and tends to stick to the more traditional flavors, without taking a chance on a newer, intriguing flavor like cherry or strawberry. Additionally, their original flavors, including tobacco flavored cartomizers, are not as strong tasting or as pungent as you would expect for an electronic cigarette company.

Gamucci also provides less flavors than most of its competitors, so for people who are well experienced or familiar with the electronic cigarette game and lifestyle, it’s important to note that they do not provide everything that competitors do. Consistent electronic cigarette users will be disappointed to go with Gamucci when it comes down to flavor and taste, as they seem to consistently fall short in our Gamucci review.


Gamucci Review – Quality THREE STARS

In our Gamucci review we feel as much as Gamucci lacks in flavor, they do a decent job when it comes to quality of their products and services. They provide ample instructions, a good accessory kit, relatively high quality materials that hold their value well, and more. They fortunately have done a fair job on quality with their products, from lithium ion batteries to a USB charger and AC wall adapter in the accessory kit that comes with the products.


Gamucci Review – Customer Service TWO STARS

Unfortunately, Gamucci doesn’t meet up to the standards set by other corporations in this industry when it comes to customer service in our Gamucci review. While they surely are trying valiantly, they just fall short when it comes to coming together on important customer service things like client relationships, call and email service, and more.

For people with issues and problems with Gamucci products, it can unfortunately be very difficult to get together with the company about finding realistic and legitimate solutions, as it can be tough to contact their customer service department. Additionally, people can expect slow shipments to come their way with Gamucci, as it takes quite a bit of time for them to ship out accessory kits, new flavors, and more.


Overall Gamucci Review THREE STARS

Overall, Gamucci does a decent job when it comes to electronic cigarettes, but they are just not the best in the business. They are average, and at the price that they sell electronic cigarettes, they can be a good buy for people who have financial issues or who are not looking to spend a considerable amount of money in their budget on electronic cigarettes.

For others, though, Gamucci simply will not fit the bill when it comes down to it. You get what you pay for, as the saying goes, and Gamucci does not provide enough bang for the buck for heavy electronic cigarette users – and not by a long shot. When it comes down to it, though, Gamucci can be valuable for people just starting out in electronic cigarettes, and for those looking for something easy to sink their teeth into – no pun intended – before moving on to the higher quality products and better stuff. Good luck with Gamucci, and enjoy, but in our Gamucci review, it just isn’t worth buying!


  • Review Date: 1/16/2013
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