E-Lites Review

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E-Lites Review

E-Lites Review

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E-Lites Review

The rise of electronic cigarettes over the past 15 years has been due to a number of factors. Most notably the concerns millions have for their health combined with advancing technology. The E-Lites electronic cigarettes are one of a number of brands that provides smokers with a safer alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

E-Lites come in an attractive package and even includes an individual cigarette box that makes the product very close to an actual tobacco cigarette. However, the E-Lites are really cigarette-shaped cylinders that have the look and handling of a tobacco cigarette without the tobacco. Instead, each electronic cigarette has inside a battery, heating element and flavor container. When the smoker draws in on the E-Lites, the heater is activated this in turn boils the liquid in the flavor package so that it turns into water vapor. Enjoy our E-Lites review!


E-Lites Review

The water vapor delivers the nicotine and the flavor that the smoker has selected. There is no tobacco present which means that the E-Lites are free from the carcinogens found in tobacco. In turn, there is no dangerous second-hand smoke for those who are around a person using E-Lights.

For smokers who are looking to quit, the E-Lites offer a strong advantage over nicotine patches and gum as the oral fixation is satisfied while handling the cylinders. In many cases, smokers have difficulty with patches and gum because while the nicotine fix is present, the muscle memory of the lips and hands are not being addressed. E-Lites allows a smoker to gradually reduce the nicotine amount in the flavor packages until they are ready to quit naturally.

Also, for smokers who have no wish to quit, E-Lites can save a considerable amount of money over purchasing tobacco products. A typical E-Lites cylinder can be used 20 or more times compared to the single use of a traditional tobacco cigarette. Considering the ever rising cost of tobacco, the E-Lites represent remarkable savings.

One of the more subtle reasons why electronic cigarettes have an advantage over tobacco is that the heating element is only activated when the smoker draws in on the water vapor. This means that the danger of fire is almost not present. When you consider the number of accidents, injuries, property damage and fatalities caused by lit tobacco products igniting flammable objects, then you can see how electronic cigarettes are far safer to use.

Perhaps the biggest advantage that E-Lites have over many other electronic cigarettes is their realistic look and packaging. It takes a close inspection of a typical E-Lites cylinder to see that it is not really a tobacco cigarette. Plus, the carry-pack is fashioned like popular cigarette brands. This means that you carry the E-Lites with you and few will ever know what you have until they take a close look.

The E-Lites design is sleek, realistic and easy to handle, making this one of the best electronic cigarette products that we have ever seen. The starter kit which includes the recharger, a supply of cylinders, batteries and flavor packages is modestly priced. We can say after our E-Lites review that we heartily recommend E-Lites as one of the best electronic cigarettes you can own.

  • Review Date: 2/14/2013
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