E-Lites Discount Codes

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E-Lites Discount Codes

E-Lites Discount Codes

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If you have been shopping around the electronic cigarette stores in the UK, you will find that E-Lites seems to appear everywhere! This is due to a few reasons really… For starters, E-Lites is an established credible brand and a premium choice for e-cigarette users around the world. Secondly, E-Lites has a terrific warranty and guarantee plan! If you haven’t tried E-Lites yet, you are definitely missing out on one of the best electronic cigarettes ever produced.


E-Lites is known for being one of the first electronic cigarette companies to ever produce a commercial on TV. The commercial used a baby dancing the famous Gangnam Style dance with a quick snippet of E-Lites towards the end. Somewhat subliminal, we thought that the commercial was unique and fun.

Similar to all of the electronic cigarettes, E-Lites is a cost effective alternative to traditional cigarettes. The debate rages on regarding the safety of electronic cigarettes, however people who use e-cigs swear by them to be perfectly safe. It also helps that major companies like Malboro is joining the e-cig wagon.  With E-Lites, you have many choices regarding flavour and nicotine strength, this is probably what people like most about E-Lites and why they grew to the large company they are today!

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