E-Lites Coupon Code

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E-Lites Coupon Code

E-Lites Coupon Code

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E-Lites are one of the more celebrated brands of electronic cigarettes on the market today. E-Lites have been highly noted for their clean design, easy use and attractive packaging. The E-Lites represent one of the best electronic cigarette products on the market today.

The E-Lites are designed for those who wish to quit smoking or save money on their budget. The electronic cigarettes found in E-Lites contain the nicotine that smokers crave but they have no tobacco in them. This means that the harmful carcinogens found in tobacco are not present and thus the E-Lites represent no danger to the smoker or those around them, even in crowded public places.


The E-Lites E200 line features an interesting red and white portable cigarette package that will look very similar to a popular brand of tobacco cigarettes. The portable package holds five E-Tips cartridges that include a G9 battery unit that makes up the E200 kit. Hidden near the bottom of the package itself is a short USB cord which is used to recharge the package itself, keeping the e-cigs ready to go.

The E-Tips are basically electronic devices in the shape of a tobacco cigarette. They consist of the cartridge which contains an atomizer and package with houses the nicotine and tobacco extract in a liquid container. When the smoker draws in on the end of the cartridge, the atomizer activates and heats up the liquid container which creates water vapor. This vapor is then drawn into the lungs and exhaled.

There are different flavoring elements that can be used with the E-Lites that range from the standard tobacco to all different types that can be chosen by the smoker. Also, the levels of nicotine can be adjusted as well, allowing the smoker to gradually dial down the amount of nicotine used so that they can gradually quit the habit of smoking.

One of the great advantages of the E-Lites is that the battery lasts all day long on a single charge, allowing the smoker to take their pack to work and back without having to recharge the unit on the side. While the battery itself does take a while to recharge, it can be done at night so that the fully charged pack is ready to go in the morning.

For those who are considering quitting smoking, there are a number of advantages that the E-Lites have over other standard methods of nicotine replacement. Unlike the nicotine patch or gum, the E-Lites allow the smoker to still handle a cigarette-shaped device that can satisfy the oral fixation. Furthermore, each E-Tip electronic cigarette can be used repeatedly which means that the smoker saves a considerable amount of money compared to purchasing tobacco cigarettes.

Overall, the E-Lites are one of the best electronic cigarette devices on the market today. Offering solid, long lasting flavor thanks to the all-day charge for the portable battery plus the solid, durable construction of the E-Tips themselves. We can heartily recommend this product for those who are considering quitting smoking or for others who simply want to save money. Use our E-Lites coupon code above and save!

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