E-Lites Codes

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E-Lites Codes

E-Lites Codes

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E-Lites is perhaps the grand daddy brand of all e-cigarettes! They have been around for a long time relative to the electronic cigarette introduction. No one can resist even the build and appearance of an E-Lites e-cig. The advantage E-Lites has is the unmatchable design and terrific experience its user enjoy when smoking their electronic cigs.


Like the other electronic cigarette brands, E-Lites is a brilliantly safe alternative to smoking. There is no second hand smoke, and yes, you can smoke an E-Lites indoor everywhere! Although E-Lites is surely not the cheapest brand out there, it is definitely not the most expensive and the cost justifies the experience and quality that only an E-Lites electronic cigarette possesses. Did you know that using their cigarettes, there is practically no chance of a fire? Well it’s true, the heat that comes from the battery is only generated when the user smokes in, and it is inactive otherwise. Therefore, it is safe to accidentally drop on carpet and even in the grass! Now talk about a sleek design, E-Lites definitely pride themselves in their design and products build. It resembles a normal cigarette to a t and yes it also dots the i! We believe that E-Lites is worth every penny! Use our E-Lites codes above for additional savings!

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