Cheap and Effective Way to Quit Smoking

Posted in Blog by - February 11, 2013

Let’s talk about smoking and what are the best cheap ways to quit your smoking habit. Reality is, most of the people that smoke, cannot quit. It is a real addiction affecting real people worldwide. It’s that nicotine that causes the loyal addiction. Even when cigarette users try to quit, they find themselves in turmoil. I have a few terrific suggestions to help you quit!

Nicorette Gum, some nasty stuff, but does it really work? It should right, at least considering that ridiculous price tag! Truth be told, nicorette gum only works for a handful of it’s users. Now I am not saying that it is ineffective, but the price is not worth it! There is however a rebranded model from the exact nicroette gum ingredients that is of course Nicotrol Gum. It is considerably cheaper than nicorette gum and does the exact same thing! Cost difference, we are talking about 40% lower!

Ok, now let’s get a little bit more real, shall we? To quit smoking requires more than just gum, it takes time, a lot of time. Electronic cigarettes offer a unique method to quitting. You see, e-cigs have the experience of a normal cigarette, however they are a lot healthier and you can control your nicotine levels. In other words, it can psychologically help you quit, probably better than any gum on the market. I mean worst case scenario, you still smoke, but you are smoking a safer, healthier cig that does not produce second hand smoke! Why Not!

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